Augmented reality just got a whole lot more interesting. A post in Wired’s Gadget Lab focuses on the health benefits of these new digital contacts that are being developed at the University of Washington. It also touches on the idea that, if you add LED, an antenna and a radio chip, you can use augmented reality to overlay an image or text that only the wearer can see, essentially creating something that isn’t really there.

Who knows how far along these are or if they will ever actually launch and be adopted, but the effect they could have on marketing, advertising and content delivery is fun to think about. Marketers could create one-to-one targeted outdoor campaigns, roadsigns, price discrimination, entertainment, etc. Imagine a movie poster for the next Pixar movie where the characters re-enact a scene from the film on the sidewalk in front of you. Then there’s the “Terminator effect,” like data and stats streaming before your eyes when you are shopping, watching sports or traveling in a strange city.

It’s hard to believe how far augmented reality has come in such a short time.