Theresa Howard Joins Crispin

Theresa Howard

I read this morning on Agency Spy that Theresa Howard, the ad reporter from USA Today has taken a job at Crispen Porter + Bogusky as a copywriter.  This makes so much sense for so many reasons.  Not least of which, CPB completely understands that a major part of creating advertising campaigns in a media-fragmented world is finding ways to promote them using unpaid media.  A good handle on the press and public relations and what makes campaigns “buzz-worthy” is the key to setting your agency apart.

I am not saying that Theresa is going to be regulated to only working on CPB’s press releases, rather she will have many interesting angles for coming up with advertising ideas that will appeal to both consumers and the press.


A Glimpse Ahead

Microsoft Office Labs just released this video of their “glimpse ahead” to 2019.  It’s an interesting and well-produced look at how we all may interact, connect and communicate 10 years from now.  It’s fun to watch, but I do wonder how accurate it is.  One of the dangers of making “prediction” videos is that they always assume that we will be doing things the same way we do them now, just bigger, better and more sci-fi.  I am not sure if it is actually going to be easier, or more practical, to have hundreds of touch-screens and floating interfaces for each decision we have to make throughout the day.

This is a domain that I have owned since 1994.  My friend, Max Bean, and I bought it with the intention of using it for our new Web design company.  At the time, we felt like there were a lot of snake oil salesmen in the internet marketing world and we thought it would be apropos to name our company the Internet Charlatans.  The domain name has followed me for years, but I have never used it for anything.

Max and I did start a Web design company, along with Jason Zada, but we called it Evolution Bureau (EVB), rather than the Internet Charalatans.  As EVB has grown over the years, I have come to realize that my opinion and the opinion of the agency aren’t always the same, nor do they need to be.  This blog is my outlet to talk about stuff that I want to talk about.  The opinions here within are not necessarily those of EVB.